RED BEAD Experiment the original Dr. Deming style
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World wide manufacturer and distributor of the Deming Red Bead Experiment and 37 minute video on DVD about playing the Red Bead Experiment - since 1984 when we provided Dr. Deming with additional beads and paddle

Offices located in Riga, Latvia in the European Union and distribution office in Northern California USA. contact us

Consultants to individuals, organizations and businesses who desire to learn and implement new ways of thinking and to break old habits permanently. more information

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Get beyond the theory and rhetoric and Learn How to Live the Talk.  Learn and use daily the concepts taught by the world famous consultant  Dr. W. Edwards Deming

After his passing in 1994, the Deming Institute has been active to preserve his teachings and make them available to a world-wide audience.

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Michael Arthur Johnson Company
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